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Florida Statute § 61.16 provides for attorney’s fees to be paid by a more financially abled party in Dissolution of Marriage cases. Florida Statute § 61.16 provides:

The court may from time to time, after considering the financial resources of both parties, order a party to pay a reasonable amount for attorney’s fees, suit money, and the cost to the other party of maintaining or defending any proceeding under this chapter, including enforcement and modification proceedings and appeals,”

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There are several different types of alimony within Florida Law including permanent periodic alimony, rehabilitative alimony, bridge the gap alimony, and durational alimony.

Durational alimony is alimony for a set period of time.

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In Florida Family Law Cases we always file a Family Law Financial Affidavit (for the short form affidavit: and for the long form affidavit: These affidavits are very useful in determining the marital estate to be divided in equitable distribution and for determining the need and ability to pay for alimony purposes.

Florida Family Law Financial Affidavits are very important and should be taken very seriously by the parties. In one recent Second District Court of Appeal case the Appellate Court relied on the Husband’s financial affidavit in reversing the trial Court’s approval of alimony.

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